FREE Ignite Your Voice Mini-Course

This mini-course will help you recognize how YOUR inner critic has hijacked your self-identity, give you a jump start to put your negative inner critic in its place, discover your inner voice and begin the journey towards a healthy self-identity!


Welcome to Video 1 of the Ignite Your Voice Mini-course.

Today we will be working on sorting out the inner critic.

But there are two things you must know before we start.

First, our brain is wired to save us from pain and harm. It naturally wants the path of least resistance AND it wants us to be SAFE.

Second, we all have an inner critic and it will never be silenced.

If you are like me you have been told "oh you just have to get rid of those thoughts or you have to ignore them".

They cannot be ignored and you cannot get rid of them.

The inner critic is here to guide you.   Yes, maybe miss guide you possibly but the inner critic wants to save you from pain.   So, what we’re going to do is  invite our inner critic to the table for a heart to heart conversation today.

In Video 1 of your mini-journal you will jump start the conversation by writing a thought that usually wakes up the inner critic.

If it’s anything like my inner critic - your inner critic starts with a thought or an idea that believes they must save you from.

It could be as simple as I want to learn to paint or as complex as I want to go back to school or start a business.

Then you inner critic says, "Oh, you can't and here is why. Or you shouldn't and here is why". Your inner critic may even shame you or bully you.

To illustrate, here’s a real life example of my own personal inner critic and the type of dialogue that we have; and yes ladies we all have inner critics.

So before I created this mini-course for women, it started as a thought of how can I help more women in the world.