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This mini-course will help you recognize how YOUR inner critic has hijacked your self-identity, give you a jump start to put your negative inner critic in its place, discover your inner voice and begin the journey towards a healthy self-identity!


Welcome to Video 4 - Free Yourself Up for Self-Reflection.

In the past 3 videos you have sorted out your inner critic, embraced your inner voice and leveraged the power of your inner voice.

Let’s take next right step and address a situation that your inner critic is nagging you about, that if you choose to work it out during this challenge, you will have a transformational moment.

Why is this important today?   Because the last three videos you have woken up the inner critic, handed the baton to the inner voice and now we want to actually put it into action.

On Video 4 of the mini journal you have a block for a situation that you can jot down.  Then, you will write what your inner critic has to say about it.

This would visually look like a process of taking a ball of yarn in your brain of the situation and unraveling it and saying what is the truth.

Today is your opportunity to get out of the maze of your mind and address that situation from the strength of your inner voice!

See you in Video 5!

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