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This mini-course will help you recognize how YOUR inner critic has hijacked your self-identity, give you a jump start to put your negative inner critic in its place, discover your inner voice and begin the journey towards a healthy self-identity!


Welcome to Video 5 - IGNITE YOUR VOICE

First I want to say congratulations!  You have made it to Video 5 IGNITE YOUR VOICE.

Ladies, your voice matters!

The first step in the journey of reclaiming your relevance is recognizing the difference between your inner critic and the power of your inner voice.

Your self identity transformation starts with the ignition of your voice.

To IGNITE is to set on fire!  Today you have made the choice to kindle the flame of you.

On Video 5 of your mini journal you have a couple of blocks to fill out today.

The first one says: I choose to ignite my voice by...

The second one says: What will change in your life if you choose to ignite your voice?

You’ve gone through the entire mini-course of having a conversation with your inner critic and allowing your inner voice to have a discussion with her.

Today you get to choose that you’re going to ignite your voice.  How?   Well for some of you it might be to have that hard conversation.  For others it may be choosing to use your voice when others would expect you to keep it quiet.  Or even say NO when everyone expects you to say Yes.

Everyone who is taking the challenge will have a different choice in their box but the key here is to make a choice.

Choosing to leave this box blank is a choice... a choice not to use your voice.

A choice to say my voice doesn’t matter.

Finally, what will change in your life if you choose to ignite your voice?   It is very important to put value with the action.  There must be a value behind it for you to do it.  Or to be willing to do it because it’s going to be uncomfortable at first.  This IS a new muscle you are building.   The muscle of using your voice.

As I wrap, I will turn this around and ask:  

  1. If you don’t choose to ignite your voice what will stay the same?

  2. And are you willing to live with that?

Thank you so much for joining my Free Video

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I look forward to hearing how this has made an impact in your life!

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