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This mini-course will help you recognize how YOUR inner critic has hijacked your self-identity, give you a jump start to put your negative inner critic in its place, discover your inner voice and begin the journey towards a healthy self-identity!


Welcome to Video 3 Leverage the Power of Your Voice

Today you will begin to put your voice in the driver seat and your inner critic in the passenger seat.  You will move your inner critic from the head of the table to an invited guest with a seat at the table. 

You will do this by leveraging the power of your inner voice.

You see your inner voice has her own personality.  Just as you are unique, one of a kind, so is your inner voice.  Your inner voice is the one that guides you to what is beneficial for you.

Video 3 is your opportunity to describe the power of your voice.   When I say power I don’t mean stand on the stage and be like super woman type of power or a politician or a celebrity.   When I speak of power I speak of internal empowerment.

For example my inner voice speaks from a place of liberation, love and inspiration.   Those words can change given the season that I’m in but right now that’s where my inner voice is speaking from.

So your homework today is go to Video 3 of your mini journal and choose three words from the following list or create your own.  If you don’t like the words that I have here or if some of them resonate with you but you want to go deeper pull up at thesaurus and see what words really resonate with your inner voice.

How will you know it resonates with you?  You’ll feel that punch in your body, you will have a somatic response that you go "OH YEAH that’s me".

Your homework is to find your three words and write them in at the bottom of the page in your mini journal under the phrase my voice speaks from a place of...

See you in Video 4!

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