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Accountability Drives Your Success

Accountability is a key driver for success. When we keep it hidden, we fail no one except ourselves. But when we set up accountability with our inner circle then we step up the game.

When you announce, “I am running a marathon” or “I am giving up soda’s and drinking water”, then you have put a stamp on that announcement inviting others to be part of your journey. Going it alone is a sure-fire way to give up.  Why? Because you have no obligation to hold up your commitment to yourself.  You, and you know this is true, will give up without internal and external motivation.

Internal motivation comes from YOU.
External Motivation comes from OTHERS.

When others know what we are doing and why we are doing it we are more motivated to stick to it. We don’t want to let anyone down! That external motivation helps us persist, breaking old habits and creating new habits.

So today, I encourage you to let those safe and inspiring in your circle know...

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