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Can the Lack of Margin Cause Overwhelm?

What does an overwhelmed life look like? In my last blog I talked about overcoming overwhelmed by addressing the fears that keep you in an overwhelmed state. If you have not read it, here is the link.

Today I want to discuss what I consider to be a huge contributor to a person's overwhelmed state - ....MARGIN or better said a LACK OF MARGIN!

For clarity, the word margin means an edge or border. So imagine guard rails on a highway, the edging around a flower bed or even a page break in a document.

The word margin may sound sterile or only for those in business but margin is really about having space. Margin is space on each side of an appointment AND accurate space for an appointment. Space to transition between tasks in your day. Space to be off, space to be still, space to rest, space to listen, space to learn, space to be refilled.

In my coaching I will see one of the following:

  1. No planning. The calendar is blank.
  2. Planning just the appointments. There is a lot of blank hours.
  3. ...
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Overcoming Overwhelmed

fear overwhelm Jun 17, 2020

We are definitely in some overwhelming times; a pandemic, racial issues that need to be addressed, financial concerns and an election coming soon.

How are you dealing with it all? For me, I have had some moments of feeling overwhelmed to the point I had to even delete social media off my phone for a while just so I could process how I was feeling.

As a Success Coach I know the tools to help me through it, but sometimes it takes a bit for me to get there.

You too? Glad I am not alone.


You know what it feels like...

You start to feel the pressure.  A million thoughts circle in your head.  

...Decisions get harder. 

...Conversations take effort.  

...Life seems difficult all around.

You start to feel like all your joy and zest is slipping away.  Then the chaos starts - internally and externally.  Finally, feelings of anxiety and exhaustion take over.

And all you have to show for it is the emotional wreckage that leads you to fear or...

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Be Your Own Advocate

advocacy voice Feb 04, 2020
Many years ago I realized that I MUST be my own advocate.  Not my doctor, not my mother, not my husband, but ME.  If I want to go with the flow and be just like everyone else, then shutting down myself to blend in is the way to go. But doing so would mean that I am not acting as MY AUTHENTIC self and that I am not operating at my greatest potential: Mentally, Emotionally, Physically and Spiritually.
Three things I refuse to do:
This means that when my doctor thinks she will see me as a number on a lab report, I speak up and say, “While I respect what you are saying, I am more than a number and a normal range on a lab.  Here are my symptoms, and what is going on in my life, and this is what I think…”
Or when a friend or acquaintance starts talking about something that I know I do not agree with, then asks me, “What do...
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7 Steps to Overcome Entrepreneurial Overload & Anxiety

1. Brain Detox

The brain was not created to hold information but to be creative. When there is an overload of information with no outlet we start to struggle with brain fog, mental overload which leads to feelings of anxiety. The key is to take 20 minutes and write down everything that comes to your mind, that infinite list that you believe you can remember with a snap of your fingers. It is not going to happen. You will lose details in the rabbit trails.

2. Mental Time Out

Once your brain is clear of stuff, you need a mental break. Meditation or a Mental Time out will help relax your mind and...

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Accountability Drives Your Success

Accountability is a key driver for success. When we keep it hidden, we fail no one except ourselves. But when we set up accountability with our inner circle then we step up the game.

When you announce, “I am running a marathon” or “I am giving up soda’s and drinking water”, then you have put a stamp on that announcement inviting others to be part of your journey. Going it alone is a sure-fire way to give up.  Why? Because you have no obligation to hold up your commitment to yourself.  You, and you know this is true, will give up without internal and external motivation.

Internal motivation comes from YOU.
External Motivation comes from OTHERS.

When others know what we are doing and why we are doing it we are more motivated to stick to it. We don’t want to let anyone down! That external motivation helps us persist, breaking old habits and creating new habits.

So today, I encourage you to let those safe and inspiring in your circle know...

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